It is shameful even to talk about the things that ungodly people do in secret. Ephesians 5:12

This world is full of double minded people who say one thing but do the opposite. I know Christians get that thrown at them all the time, but those who do not claim that particular  ‘high ground’ are much worse and probably even bigger hypocrites.

There are two very different worldviews being shown and presented on our media, especially the TV and movie industries. In one instance, our eyes and ears are filled with stories of the sordid lives of the rich celebrities who have an openly hedonistic lifestyle, where practically nothing is off limit. We watch as their lives are exposed to the scrutiny of the camera wielding movie maker, and tut as we shake our head. That’s a terrible way to live, we mutter under our breath, but it doesn’t stop us from checking out what they are up to in their next movie or TV soap. At the other end of the scale, in the real world we have reports of sexual abuses against the most vulnerable in society, even some who are under age. Once again, we tut and shake our head while continuing to watch and follow the very things that we claim horrify us.

While these reports are normal viewing, and we feign our horror, we are happy to watch the ongoing soaps and movies of ungodly lives who represent a lifestyle we appear to secretly like enough to follow. We like the action we say.

The other worldview is of openly Godly and wholesome living. We call these programs and movies ‘soppy’ or only for the soft headed women. However, they usually carry a strong moral message, or a clear portrayal of good values that triumph over bad. Why then do we avoid owning up to preferring this worldview? If we profess to be a Christian we don’t need to worry about what the ungodly are doing in secret. Or are we afraid that our worldly pals will think we are going soft?


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