There is a reason behind everything we do. Nothing is random. For example, how do you deal with confused thoughts? Or decision making? Or worries and concerns? Or even issues you care about deeply like religion and faith? That’s a good place to stop for now. So, how do you deal with the doubts or questions that arise from your deep seated, long held, beliefs? It’s a big ask and no small task.

Some will involve a professional counsellor if the problem is deep enough. Some will talk to a trusted friend, and let’s face it, we all need trusted friends. It has also been known for some to call into TV or radio help shows. When you go shopping for your groceries, what do you do? I for one will make a list because I want to make sure I get everything I need. It also gives me some peace of mind because I have already given my outing to the shop, some significant thought. That makes the whole operation easier.

Similarly, my way of handling my thoughts about the things I care about is to write them down, a bit like the shopping list except on a bigger scale, and for a much more important purpose. The name for people who do this nowadays, is a ‘blogger’ and the things they write down is a ‘blog’. When the blog is complete, and is something you don’t mind sharing with others, it can be published online to one of the sites that are for that very purpose. If you are a thinker/blogger it can be a help if there are others out there who have come across the same things, or are going through it now. Those people who a add constructive comment will contribute to the level of help, support and growth needed.

I know what some are thinking. Why write it down like a journal at all? Why make it public? Are you feeling insecure? It has to be said that not everyone who reads these thoughts will think or comment positively. It’s a risk, so not done for a sense of vanity. Think about it this way, if you read a blogger’s thoughts, you are seeing into their heart. You may or may not agree or like what you read, but then again, you may read a thought you have already entertained. As I said, it’s a risk. However, for the most part the good and helpful comments will outweigh the negative and bad, so the judgement is that it is worth doing. Welcome to my world!


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