The Promise Finger

It was little Margie’s 6th birthday, and her mum had bought her a pretty dress, and arranged a party with some of her friends. It was a great evening, but lovely and sunny outside, so the kids asked Margie’s mum, almost as one voice, if they could go out and play hide and seek? They lived in a nice house which backed onto an open field which could be seen easily from the kitchen window, so the excited children raced out and took turns to be the seeker.

Since it was her birthday, the other kids decided to pretend they couldn’t find Margie, so that she could be the winner. As it happened, Margie had found a great spot under a bush where she was sure no one would find her and she was right because no one came looking. It soon came time for the party to finish, so when mum called, the children all went inside, but where was Margie? Mum was frantic. She had watched as best she could from the window, but her little girl was missing now. Everybody rushed out to search, and it was her mum who discovered the little sleeping beauty, still under the bush.

Mum scooped the still asleep Margie up in her arms, gave her a big hug and at that Margie wakened. The truth was it was a nice warm, sunny evening, and after all the cake and party games, Margie was pooped and so fell asleep right where she was. Mum and everyone else were relieved to say the least. When sleeping, Margie had wrapped the fingers of her right hand in a tight grip around the fourth ring finger on her left hand. Mum asked why?

“It’s simple Mum” Margie explained. My Sunday School teacher told us a good way to feel safe by holding the ring finger. Again, Mum asked why? Margie rolled her eyes as only a 6 year old can, and with a sigh explained that they were learning the 23rd Psalm and to remember the first line they were told to point to each finger in turn as they repeated, “The Lord is my Shepherd”. Five words Mum. Five fingers, one for each word and when we need to feel safe and secure we have to hold our ring finger. “Did you know that the ring finger is the promise finger too” as though Margie was telling her Mum something she didn’t know.

The child got it right. When we need the safety and security that only God can give, let’s remember the promise that Margie learned. The Lord is MY Shepherd. If you have to squeeze that finger as a reminder, then do it. Every married couple know that the ring on that finger is a promise of love, safety and security. Margie learned that lesson aged 6, but sadly sometimes it can take ‘older and wiser’ adults a lot longer!


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