I don’t like the word ‘inactivity’ because behind it lies a change or difference in life and lifestyle, sometimes forced on us by circumstance like age, disease or illness. The good part is that inactivity is usually temporary, unlike laziness which tends to describe a way of life.

When we are young, we have enough energy to spare that lets us do all we need and more besides. But when inactivity is forced on us, and it usually is, we have to decide what we will do about it. This is no small decision because it will involve a big change from your normal lifestyle. From being ‘out and about’ at any time of your choosing, it’s now picking carefully when to go out and what to do in the time you have before tiredness and weakness sets in and takes hold.

So, what’s the answer? I think it helps to determine to use your mind instead of your body during this temporary part of your life. How about learning a musical instrument, and perhaps dragging that old dusty ‘musical friend’ from the bottom of the wardrobe and giving it a new lease of life? Or how about reading? No, don’t turn your nose up at that suggestion because one of the best results of reading a good book is that time passes as you get immersed in the story, or learning! Before you know it, the hands on the clock have moved more than you thought, and in that time you have relaxed and learned a lot. Sometimes we need that ‘down time’ to sit, and let your mind do the work. Put another way, how often have you wished for that time when you have been run off your feet dashing here and there trying to squeeze more activity into your day? Well, this is your time.

Talking about reading, takes me to my favourite book and one of the subjects I return to often. Give the Bible another chance. I know, you have heard all the stories in Sunday School and listened to enough sermons to last you a lifetime, but have you ever taken the time to let the Bible speak to you in quietness? Straight from the recorded pages of God’s Word for our lives in this hectic world. This period of inactivity may just be the best time to open the sacred pages and immerse yourself in the wisdom, enlightenment, encouragement, and yes even some much needed correction thrown in. Are you ready for that challenge if that period of inactivity strikes? In fact, there is no better time for God’s Word than right now!

I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you. Psalm 119:11 ERV


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