Discernment, Gift or Curse?

One of God’s greatest ambassadors left this earth destined for his heavenly home on Wednesday 21st February, aged 99 years. His legacy is unparalleled in the past century, and through his faith and ministry many millions around the world found Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Fittingly, there have been many tributes paid on TV, radio, and online.


But not everyone is convinced of his sincerity and this troubles me. Not because it comes from the unchristian unbeliever, but the very opposite. There are some who set themselves up as having a better understanding and the gift of discernment to the point that humility is lost, and pride has been replaced by elitism. Oh, they say they are speaking in love, but the least of us know that if those words have to be used at all, it’s because there is little if any love involved.


I use a couple of blogging sites to record my rambling thoughts, and I know there are many diverse points of view expressed out there. There can be great encouragement, but I had to read the views of a blogger who suggested that the great evangelist was seriously misguided. But what great sin has Billy Graham committed? Apparently he had the temerity to suggest a prayer outline for the seeking sinner to pray. That’s not on because the so called “sinner’s prayer” if not said just right, with the correct attitude and content, may have ended up with that sinner being bound for hell not heaven. In other words this evangelist is not so great after all because he couldn’t see the harm he was causing, but what I read was, you should ​trust me, I have read the Bible, and ​I can keep you right! All spoken or written from the safety and comfort of the computer keyboard and nowhere near the front line of the preaching ministry or outreach. How shallow, but then our God given free will and freedom of speech is ours to use, whether wisely or otherwise.


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