Pleasant Surprise

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, Loving favour rather than silver and gold. Proverbs 22:1


Sometimes an event takes you by surprise, but in a good way. This one happened unexpectedly and made me smile. When you get to know some folks better each and every time you meet them, they sometimes will give you a nickname, or a ‘pet name’ as a way of showing friendship and a confirmation that your relationship is on good ground.


This mainly happens with young love, and between husband and wife, but there can be other occasions. Have you ever been called by a name other than your Christian name, or a shortened version? Most have, but what would be the ‘good name’ this verse can be talking about? That is when I got my surprise.


I am blessed to have two fine daughters, and grandchildren at various stages and ages. To them, I am known simply as ‘granda’, and I confess to enjoying the title. Not grandad, or grampa, or grandpa, but ‘granda’. I feel blessed when this name is used because some history lies behind its use, making it even more special.


I have met some lovely, Godly people, and in some way each one has enriched my life, but I have always remained known by my given name. This time it was different. Out of the blue, one of my new friends referred to me as ‘granda’. Of course not their granda, or even a relation, but their way of recognising the role played in my grandkids’ lives. To me, there is no greater honour than being called ‘dad’ or ‘granda’? As the verse indicates, that is a ‘good name’ and as far as I’m concerned, better than ‘great riches’.


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