Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord. They will proclaim his righteousness, declaring to a people yet unborn: He has done it! Psalm 22:30,31


It is worth keeping in mind that we don’t know the future. While in our youth, we don’t give too much thought to the future, and let’s face it, the years ahead can bring many changes to life, some bad, and some good. For my part, and from experience, I am happy not knowing the future, and leaving it in God’s hands.


I was drawn to these verses because of circumstances which are unfolding before my eyes, and I am blessed to be a witness to them. The call of God on a life is a precious and very special thing, and cannot be compared to any secular job, no matter how important. When that call comes to your grandson, it can be humbling and a blessing in equal measure because it is within your own close family circle. Such is this time which I couldn’t foresee as he was growing up, even though he was raised in a secure, loving and Godly family unit.


Now some years later, it is evident that he will be used in music, speaking, teaching, preaching, and living a life of ministry to some who have not yet been born! That is mind boggling, at least to me. Those who know and love him, can see the sincerity of his life for God. However there is one in particular who is not here to witness this life changing period. His gran would be so proud of his commitment to serve the Lord in this way. Who can say that she is not looking down from her place in heaven, in that great cloud of witnesses, and smiling?


God is already in our future, whether we recognise that truth or not. Through good and bad, health and sickness, life until death. Let us be sure to live our lives as a testimony to the love and grace of a holy God such that others can see Christ in us and respond. Who knows what the effect of a sincere witness will be in the preparation of a heart, perhaps yet unborn, to be given in God’s service to others, through our own life? As the verse ends, “He (God) has done it”. It’s not of ourselves. No one else can take the credit!


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