Two Faced

Two faced, that’s what we, as a society, are. Hypocrites that speak with a forked tongue. Let me explain what has annoyed me this morning.


Two deaths. Two very different deaths, but both from drug misuse, and treated so differently by the media. First, and for me the more important is the loss of life of a young woman aged 17, who takes a ‘substance’ while on a night out. Maybe for the first time, but certainly the last. A waste of a life that was spread out before her, but she never got to see. Her candle snuffed out by an unknown and dangerous person, known only as a ‘dealer’ and who will probably never be brought to justice for murder.


The other death reported on the same news stream, is that of an actor. A celebrity who is known by movie worthies world wide, and the media reports? They are evenly split between reporting how great an actor he was, and how he has raised the bar for other actors, and then almost as an afterthought, the fact that he died of a possible drug overdose. This man is shown as a hero, who gets accolades in his death, possibly more than in life, and his loss of celebrity is mourned over the fact that he died from a drugs overdose.

Yes, we are two faced. What kind of message do we as society give our children? Is it ok to be a celebrity and take drugs, but receive praise on endless media reports, or do we mourn an equally important but unknown young girl who loses her life due to being misled by our very same confusion over whether drug use is acceptable or not, and is a footnote on the news? Sadly both have families who mourn their loss, but can we please not elevate drug taking actors to celebrity sainthood? As we say in Scotland, “Gonnae no dae that”?